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IoT Academy Kenya is a leading Internet of Things company in Africa, encouraging creativity, innovation and implementation through industry informed research, training and innovation.

Internet of Things (IOT) is the next big IT Career in Kenya! Learn how the Internet of Things can improve productivity in your organization. Our consultants help enterprises create strategic digital solutions that deliver tangible business results and assist the brand with navigating today’s (and tomorrow’s) digitized landscape.

As an IoT consulting firm, for us it is all about collaboration and solutions. Our clients look to us for ideas, and we deliver them, both on smaller projects and larger ones, ultimately demonstrating how you will improve your ROI and get tangible business benefits. Our end-to-end IoT offerings entail IoT App Development, Implementation, Deployment, Support (Managed IoT) and IoT Consulting Services.

 Given the importance of the Internet of Things and the fact that it is becoming widespread in the world, there is a need for a specialist institution to train and empower the objects of the Internet. The Internet of Things Academy of Kenya has taken advantage of the power of the young professionals and elites of Kenya to create this educational specialty. By reviewing new educational methods in advanced countries, it first designed and implemented different and short-term workshops in IoT *AI and Machine Learning). The goal of these short-term workshops is to transfer all applied content in the shortest possible time and increase the ability to rely on itself to continue the path and learn more. 

Our IoT consultants can offer solutions to help build smart devices that are connected to the internet and share data. IoT Academy’s strategy consulting offers a full suite of services, with platforms including Microsoft IOT Services, Amazon IOT Services, IFTTT, Samsung’s SmartThings platform, IBM Watson IOT Services, iOS HomeKit platform, and Google’s Nest platform.

Why IoT?

· The salary for IOT programmers is 72% higher than that of IT professionals.

· The demand for IOT talent has increased by 300% in the last three years.

· From telecom to construction to defense, every industry is using IOT every day.

The possibilities for today and the future are limitless and that’s what everyone is excited about – the possibilities it holds for the future.